Thursday, 15 September 2011

An Unloved Looney.

Needless to say that after yesterday's ordeal, my parents were NOT in my good books. My mother especially, because she generally drives me loca/up the wall/fucking crazy. I asked her to pick me up today from town, sharing a car with your entire family can sometimes send you into a mental lockdown. So. I walked, but fuck me, I needed a lift back. Too much walking = excessive chaff-age. 

I'm going to say that after an hour, she STILL hadn't turned up. Very, very late. I was a little (ok a lot) pissed off. When I finally saw the car heading towards me ever so bloody slowly (the cheek!), I naturally stormed into the middle of the road, blocking her and flailing my arms angrily to emphasise my pissedoffness. Rightly so.  

Mid-tantrum, it suddenly dawned on me that this car...was NOT my car and that a poor innocent family were staring at me, frozen to their seats clearly wondering which mental hospital I had just escaped from. 

And then mum calls to say she's forgotten about me. 

An unloved looney. Marvellous. 

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