Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Afternoon Nap= Error.

Autumn leaves are falling and I can feel the air getting HEAVY. Hence my regular decisions to fall asleep at about 2.30pm daily. I adore to sleep in the nudders whilst the wind attacks my bedroom window, and I'm protected by my trusted teddy, knowing full well that when I wake, I can prepare my dinner without having to wait hours. Bliss. 

This very afternoon, I decided to take a nap. I was disturbed by the phone ringing; I'd forgotten I was meeting a friend at exactly that time. SHITE. So, I ran to bathroom whilst on the phone to her, apologising profusely, completely naked, and then fuck. The alarm goes off. My parents (yes, i still live at home) clearly didn't hear me so presumed i was elsewhere. I don't know the code. Fuck shit tit balls bollocks. I'm panicking downstairs, blackberry in one hand pressed to my ear, other hand preoccupied with the alarm box....still naked. Then, that awful moment when the doorbell rings and the over-protective neighbours are peeking through the windows in the kitchen, doing their 'bit' for the community.

And I'm STILL naked. 

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