Monday, 20 June 2011

'All women need great dads.'


I don't even know what to say, except: Dad you are now the SECOND most embarrassing father in the world. Much Love.

Yours, Penny Lane xxx

Saturday, 18 June 2011

i ♥ tigers

One of my wonderful friends is a Norwegian crazy called Tiger Lily. She is as crazy as her name suggests. She is one of my collected eccentrics AND she deserves a post because, because, life is definitely more fun/crazy/random when she is around. Everyone needs a naughty Norwegian in their lives, this is a fact. (ask my auntie)

Yours, Penny Lane xx

Friday, 17 June 2011

exams versus reality versus klute

Exams mean we recluse (to recluse: to hide away from communication, people, general human beings and resort to the comfort of books and revision guides). I personally HATE this period of my life (who the fuck loves it?), where I live in my Dad’s Mad Dog joggers and jumpers that have seen better days and definitely smelt a lot juicier. I even resorted to deactivating good old faceyb. This, I must say, was the best idea I have had since I decided that wearing a onesie on a night out would be liberating (it was). But, it’s the time after exams that I find almost equally disturbing.

Why? Because, after 8 weeks of reclusing-it-up, suddenly, I am thrown back into the realm of society and face the ordeal of many an awkward situation, or an immediate, cringe moment. I planned random events for almost immediately after my exams, and since my last (ordeal of an) exam, I have NOT STOPPED. The most exciting/traumatic part of the week so far, definitely has to have been the moment where I realized I couldn’t blag my way into India in true Irish-like-my-dad fashion, and that I needed a VISA… in a matter of days. Brilliant. MASSIVE COCK-UP.

But, HAY. Shit can sometimes hit fan, but in the words of Bob Marley, ‘everything gonna be alright’. And, I will be off to India as soon as I can, no matter how postponed it may be. Visa. Will. Arrive. Visa. Will. Arrive. Visa. Will. Arrive. Pray for me, yeah? I’m not religious, but moments of selfishness and insanity take over when I feel like the help of some sort of God would be greatly appreciated. I say the Hail Mary when I take off on a plane. Then say 'fucking hell' as soon as I spill the drink down my leg half way through the flight. I am a 21st century hypocrite. An evening of Bridget with my besties and a fabulous rendez vous with my favourite Tiger are the highlights of my week. In the famous words of the beautiful Bridget Jones, ‘what a gripping life I do lead’. Preparing at home for summer means I can’t help but wonder what drama is ensuing oop-norf. The student town of Duzza holds what should be described as one of the Seven Wonders of the World: Klute. Smirfs, onesie-clad-orange people and Hitler-like dressed students have graced the floors of this hidden gem. A honeypot of sordid tales and saucy (naked) truths, it has been the base of many of my friends’ escapades, escapades that cause eyebrows to raise incredibly high. These shenanigans range from lesbian lunges in return for free drinks, to ‘accidentally’ spilling a quady-voddy over someone, to pretending that it’s ‘oh-ma-gad so crammed’ that you are forced to dance ‘on’ someone cause space is limited. Basically, in Klute…anything goes. I can only guarantee that stories in the next post will be outrageous. And, I can't wait to post it. 

Last three songs to come up on my shuffle:

Chase & Status : End Credits
Joni Mitchell: A Case of You
Cee Lo Green: I want You

Needless to say, at 3:16 am, babysat-ed-out and indian visa-ed-out, I am feeling rather random. Although, both Cee Lo and Chase have got me excited for Summer. Joni has just made me happy.

Yours, Penny Lane xx

Losing the cheeky blogging 'V'.

Why...Hello. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome fellow fiends, amigos, brothers, homies...HI.

Ok ok, before you jump to the conclusion that because I'm a blogger, I'm definitely a dick head because (deep breath) you think blogging is for dick heads... I want to be TOTALLY HONEST with you: I am a dick head. Wow. I said that word THREE times. Swearing in the first blog? BAD. But, it needs to be said. I am okay with a lack of appreciation/an abundance of appreciation. This blog is merely a means of recording my life for my own entertainment (ok, and also entertaining a couple of people); even if I cringe and cry at the situations I land myself in, I think that I will definitely appreciate my stories when I'm old and sleepy and a, let's face it.... a bit boring. Everything I share is based on my own life, but I have, have, have to share stories of some of my friends' crazy moments too, because they're just too priceless to ever forget. My home and my university accommodates a WHOLE LOTTA CRAZY. It would be selfish to not share some of the tales.... APOLOGIES IN ADVANCE to my ANONYMOUS victims. 

If you're lucky, you'll get a bit of music, or perhaps a photo thrown into a post. Just cause I'm probably feeling generous and lovely that day. 

So, losing the cheeky blogging V: kind of a big deal. 

Yours, Penny Lane xx