Friday, 17 June 2011

Losing the cheeky blogging 'V'.

Why...Hello. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome fellow fiends, amigos, brothers, homies...HI.

Ok ok, before you jump to the conclusion that because I'm a blogger, I'm definitely a dick head because (deep breath) you think blogging is for dick heads... I want to be TOTALLY HONEST with you: I am a dick head. Wow. I said that word THREE times. Swearing in the first blog? BAD. But, it needs to be said. I am okay with a lack of appreciation/an abundance of appreciation. This blog is merely a means of recording my life for my own entertainment (ok, and also entertaining a couple of people); even if I cringe and cry at the situations I land myself in, I think that I will definitely appreciate my stories when I'm old and sleepy and a, let's face it.... a bit boring. Everything I share is based on my own life, but I have, have, have to share stories of some of my friends' crazy moments too, because they're just too priceless to ever forget. My home and my university accommodates a WHOLE LOTTA CRAZY. It would be selfish to not share some of the tales.... APOLOGIES IN ADVANCE to my ANONYMOUS victims. 

If you're lucky, you'll get a bit of music, or perhaps a photo thrown into a post. Just cause I'm probably feeling generous and lovely that day. 

So, losing the cheeky blogging V: kind of a big deal. 

Yours, Penny Lane xx

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