Sunday, 24 July 2011


Imagine the situation:

You are in a luggage container. Indian men galore. You are wearing hideous trousers that have become too large (one too many curries). You have the milkiest coloured botty. And, you have the spottiest rash all over both your left and right cheek. 


Now, IMAGINE leaving the luggage container to buy a Sprite. Now, hear a shrill from your friend in the background as you walk away from the container, thinking you are holding up your trousers. You hear the words...'THONG!!!!'

Now, IMAGINE realising you had just exposed your milky white, spotty botty to an ENTIRE luggage container FULL of Indian perverts and a platform of strangers.

I need not imagine. Twas pretty grim.

Yours, Penny Lane. xxx

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